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New York's New Law on Remote Online Notarizations (RON)

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

On Dec. 22, 2021 the Senate Bill 1780C was signed into law which allows New York state's notaries to conduct remote online notarizations (RON).

Here's what you need to know

This law allows for notarization to be done electronically with the use of video conference technology which goes into effect on June 20, 2022. New York joins more than 37 states that already allow for RONs.

Simply put, this is what the statue says:

  • Notaries will need to keep a recording of the session for 10 years, along with the type of identification shown to the notary.

  • The notary performing the online notarization needs to be located within New York, but the signer does not have to be. In other words, signers can be located outside of the state.

  • The electronic notarization pursuant to the new law does not bar the traditional in-person notarization and notaries cannot insist on performing only electronic notarizations and refuse to perform the traditional in-person notarizations.

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